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Hi, I'm Jenni

Former blogger turned online MLM business coach. Mom of 7, a healthy living enthusiast and natural solutions advocate.

...and passionate about helping women create profitable online businesses so they can have more freedom in their lives.
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Along with all of these other successful entrepreneurs:

"I love the business because it enables me to be a stay at home mom and help bring in some income for our family. 

Through Jenni I have found more of my confidence and I take comfort in knowing we're all one big team. 

I get to enrich the lives of others and empower them to make their own choices by choosing a more natural approach to their health. 

I worked with another company for 4 years and I did not have, in that entire length of time, the amount of success I’ve had with this business in just the past 3 months! 

I'm so glad I found such an amazing company to build a business with."
- Brittany C
"This business has been such a big influence in my life the past few months. 

I chose to share, because it was easy to share my love of these spectacular health tools. 

I recently began a leadership challenge from one of my uplines. I was hesitant, since I'm a bit shy and have some social anxiety but it's going really well. 

This challenge and the support of my uplines and teammates have definitely helped me grow socially! I'm still a little shy, but it's becoming easier and easier to speak in front of people. 

I absolutely love that this business encourages teamwork and is so supportive in every way."
- Amanda B
"Danny and Nicole Larson have always been concerned about their family’s health. They didn’t expect to find anything unique, but as Nicole explains, “We were blown away by how powerful the health tools were and how quickly they worked. It was a different experience from what we were used to.”

The empowerment that this business has offered the Larsons is well worth any sacrifice they made in the beginning. 

Nicole explains, “We feel empowered and that is our message to others. We lived on a busy street and it wasn’t safe for our children to play outside. 

We worried about the mortgage payment and our grocery bill. We cried and worried through countless hospital visits with our children. We know what it is like to feel helpless. 

This business takes that feeling and turns in into empowerment.”
Danny & Nicole L
"Kathy’s involvement, began as a search for a business opportunity that would allow her to help other people achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

After only a year and a half of sharing with others, she began to see the financial results start to pour in. 

Not only was she motivated to build her business by the financial results, but she quickly became passionate about the products when she saw lives change, experience after experience. 

“I have certainty now that we have something for everyone and that this is the powerful vehicle for helping people that I was seeking.” “

Love and Serve” are the words that Kathy lives by. She has found that both love and service come naturally in this business as she informs, inspires, invites, and focuses on the needs of each individual. 

“I am so grateful that this business is in my life!” 
Kathy P
"Rod and Jennifer have a story similar to many. After hearing updates and progress about how her neighbor was doing with her business, Jennifer finally cornered Rod in his home office and said, “I want to do this!” 

Rod, skeptical of many business opportunities, spent two days back engineering the compensation plan and the company. Within the month, Rod and Jennifer eagerly joined with a full commitment to build and proceeded to construct an organization with talented leaders in a matter of months.

“These products have been a miracle in our family. We’ve been able to address our wellness in a way we never thought possible. We were searching for something natural and safe. Today, we feel well. 

The business opportunity has brought unbelievable financial healing to our family as well. Within a year, it had overpowered my traditional business and we were able to quit that and focus our full-time on this. 

The result is health, prosperity and freedom
Rod & Jennifer R
When Kari was pregnant with their first daughter, she began seeking out natural remedies and replacements for chemicals in their home. “The realization hit me that I have this other life I am completely responsible for. I needed to be aware and careful of the things I was putting in and on my body,” Kari explains. 

Despite Kari’s search for natural remedies, she wasn’t introduced to this business for a few more years.

Her passion for natural solutions developed over time and Kari has never felt like a sales person, she has simply created a new way to share her love for those around her. “I love sharing and letting people know how to get the best natural solutions in the world for the best price,” . 

If there was no money attached to these solutions, I would still be sharing them no matter what,” Kari genuinely explains. 

Between her faith, sharing natural solutions with others, and raising their children, it is very clear this family is living a life they love."
Kari & Gary S

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